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This is a site devoted to evidence-based unconventional “alternative” cancer treatments. The site is unique because it represents the personal vision of Raymond Chang MD who has a unique and iconoclastic perspective on modern day cancer treatment. The definition of alternative medicine usually covers a spectrum that spans what is fringe (eg psychedelic surgery, miracle healers, chelation and vitamin drips) to modalities that have already been integrated into mainstream (eg acupuncture) but here we define our content as that which is considered evidence-based and yet not conventional i.e. that which is not conventionally practiced by oncologists or offered at major institutional cancer centers. Evidence based indicates likelihood of efficacy of the biological pathways (eg antiangiogenesis), modalitiy (eg investigational drug) as well as individual agents (eg tetrathiomolybdate) and with respect to specific cancers.

This site is unique in format because reviews and references from literature will be annotated with personal, practical and insightful commentaries by Dr. Chang, and there will be extensive cross referencing such that readers can look up treatments by the cancer type, agent, modality or biological pathway of interest.

The particular nature of this site and its emphasis precludes data and information on conventional anticancer biopathways and approved drugs or treatments in the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery areas. Please note that it is also not the intention of this site at the current stage to discuss cancer care beyond treatments to enhance survival, thus agents or modalities that reduce treatment side-effects or palliate cancer symptoms (eg acupuncture) as well as improve quality of life are lightly discussed if at all.